My name is Sam Doyle and I live on the north coast of Cornwall in the uk, I love all forms of art and expression. But sculpting and painting are what I spend most of my time doing. I create my pieces according to how I feel at the time and hope this shows in my work. Although I try to create everything as individually as possible I always seem to be led in the same direction with my influences, Nature, Emotion and always a morbid twist. Most of my projects start off intending to be much lighter and universal but always end up taking a much darker turn which I have now come to embrace.

As a child of the 80’s I was blessed with some of the greatest movies,music and surroundings which all play a part in influencing the process of what I create. I can safely say Jim Henson was one of the biggest reasons for me wanting to create for myself and others. The Dark crystal and Labryinth are masterpieces and completely shaped my

So thank you Jim, because I know how much joy you brought to me and others.

Although my pieces are for sale, I really hope you just enjoy seeing them and hope in some way they can inspire you to create something of your own, Wherever your path leads you.


I love all forms of art and will try to utilise anything I can find to create my pieces. I work mostly with polymer clay and acrylic paint. I use acrylic for the depth of colours and effects you can achieve from a range of techniques like wet blending and using washes. I use polymer clay all the time as it is one of the best materials i have ever used. I like using other clays but nothing comes close for me. Once cured, polymer clay is very strong and durable so you can pretty much make anything you want from it, combined with acrylics, you can go wherever you like with it.

I like to draw as that is where it all started. I also like to paint canvases but I always go back to the third dimension, sculpting…

Please follow me on instagram at Ghost colder for upcoming projects,works in progress and everything in between.

Available for commissions

If you would like to talk to me about commissions or anything else please send me a message at and i will get back to you as soon as i can, If you are interested in anything that has already sold i will try to recreate the piece as similar as possible but there will be slight variations as everything is handmade, hand painted and one of a kind.

Please do not use any of my images without asking as they are all my own original pieces.